I'm April Zelenka, wedding photographer
        and graphic designer based in Madison, WI.

        I studied graphic design in college and during my junior year of school I photographed my very first wedding. They were seniors who wanted to hire another student to photograph their small beach wedding on Lake Superior. It was an unexpected experience, but it led me to where I am today and I am so grateful they took a chance on me. If it wasn’t for that couple, I probably would have never discovered my love for wedding photography.

        Since 2011 I’ve dedicated my weekends to photographing couples on one of the happiest days in their lives and it’s been such an amazing ride. I love being able to witness the love stories of my couples and play a tiny part in making those beautiful memories last.

        I’ve always loved cameras. On family trips I manned the video camera and made sure to document each moment with my dad’s fancy digital. I don’t think I completely understood the importance of documenting the moments of those trips until I was much older, but I was fascinated by the ability to freeze a moment. I loved picking up the photos once they were developed and being able to relive the memories.

        There’s something quite magical about making people feel something from a moment you captured. Whether it be a wedding day or a birthday party, there’s something truly special behind each frame. When you page through the images and you feel your heart come alive, that’s why I do what I do.